Products that meet the Aesthetic – Usability Effect

Products that meet the Aesthetic Usability Effect

Week 8 – Learning Portfolio items 1 & 2 – Q2

Figure 1. iMac 27" - (Eshark, 2009)


In the modern age, owning a computer has become an assumption as well as a necessity. These machines are designed to look just as good as they function. With the use of flowing curves and tempting colours, computers are designed to catch the eye. Apple seems to be experts on crafting their products to attract customers. Apple has become famous for their designs. Their attention to detail and care in making sure the hardware is elegant and the software is second to none. Their products are sleek and modernistic. The two main design features needed to attract the modern day customer.

The iMac is simply stunning to look at. It catches your eye the moment you look at it, and the moment you look away, you can’t help but turn for another peek. This is the main factor which Apple thrives off. People want to use the iMac because it is nice to look at. Therefore it has a higher chance of being used. The convenience of an iMac is a conventional factor. The iMac is a singular base unit. A single wire powers the iMac, instead of the cluster created by Window’s complication of monitor and desktop wires being huddled together. The curves on an iMac lead the eye around the computer and you can’t help but love them. Elegant curves are attractive and fit with the modernistic design of “today’s” tech. Many people want to keep up with the latest technology, but also have an eye for what looks nice. If they enjoy the look of it then they will use it more often.  The perfect contrast of metallic gray and black also works amazingly well. The black is evenly balanced and is used in turn as a contrast for the screen colours. The singular black apple logo, surrounded by the metallic gray instantly stands out and appeals to you and shouts Use me! Use me! We all love a massive screen, with crisp 1080p HD (How can your resist? Honestly) . 21″ or 27″ people always want bigger and better, regardless if it’s actually a quality product.

Figure 2. Hyundai i30 –  (Jeremy, 2010)

Hyundai i-30

As mankind has evolved, so has our form of movement. From cavemen in the ice caps, walking vast areas to capture a lonely mammoth, to popping down Woolworths for a pint of milk. Movement has been vital to our survival. Cars have made travelling further distances in less time possible, like the Hyundai i-30. However, cars have become the technological equivalent of fashion models. Cars are beautifully designed in every way from colour to the inclusion of iPod connectivity. Every feature has been purposely considered to attract the buyer.

The psychology accommodated of colour is a powerful tool. We all had a favourite colour when growing up. The Hyundai – i30 is red but car manufacturers produce the same model  in different colours because different colours appeal to different people. A peacock uses its colours as an act of expression, this is the same for car owners. These cars have a higher chance of being used because people want to show them off, to express themselves. Size is also important. Some people prefer bigger cars, others littler cars. However, what remains the same is the effect that these sizes have on people. It relates to their personal preference, what they feel looks right, what they like and what they don’t like. This often conjures a bond between the car and the owner, because they enjoy driving it or simply enjoy looking at it.

The Hyundai – i30 is a five seater. Nicely accommodated I feel. However, it is the layout and amount of gadgets in the dashboard that creates the appeal. Once the driver enters the car, they are greeted with a neat interface. All options are clearly pointed out and accessible. The inclusion of iPod Connectivity in the compartment is convenient. It allows for the wires to be stored whilst travelling.

Figure 3. HotPoint washing Machine - (Malyon, H. 2009)

Figure.3 – Washing Machine

Washing Machine

The humble washing machine, a mundane tool used in our everyday lives. We can pop a bit of dirty washing in, sit down, have a cup of coffee, watch TV and not worry. It may not be as an exciting as a 42″ Plasma TV but just as much care has been put into designing it so people will use it and because the washing machine is such a common tool in households, this has to be top priority.

Firstly, people need simplicity. The machine has to be easy to function. The control layout has to be precise and lack complication. The washing options are governed by a single, rotating knob. This knob makes the user believe that it is much more easier to use as all the washing options are formatted with a single rotation. This is more conventional and ensures that the machine will influence a positive attitude in the user and therefore a greater amount of usage. Singular buttons on the machine are also used for other options such as heat control and time. This interface includes the use of LED lights for indications which is convenient for both day and night use. The moment the machine turns on the options change colour  to let you know which options are available. The three screens in the middle of the interface, time and temperature are also indicated in amber. When an option has been selected the LED will turn green. This is a clear and easy to use indicator for washing options.

The opening door and entire unit has curved lines. These are elegant and continuously flowing around the center of the design. This instantly attracts you to the overall bulk of the machine. The size of the machine is also a factor that creates attraction. In the modern age, our technology is gradually becoming smaller and more favourable. This washing machine fits perfectly underneath the washing bench or into a small space. Its size has been designed to limit the amount of space it takes up within the area.

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Psychology of Design

Psychology of design

Week 11 – Learning Portfolio item 1 – Q3

As human beings we are all naturally structured the same way with arms, head etc but our personal preferences are totally unique to our psychology i.e favourite colour. We are not all joined by a single idea. It is this type of psychology that makes us independent.

Companies tend to base their designs on a universally appreciated design elements. However, if these products are designed to match someone’s personal preferences then ( Kontouris in Burgoine , 2010 ) said that we shouldn’t have to think about good design, we should  know it from recognition. Good design should influence the way we feel about a product.

As we all differ; we individually separate what we prefer in a design and what we don’t.  A design may be attractive to me that may not to others.  A specific design will never be universally appreciated .This a consequence of individual personalities and thought.

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