Helping you to reduce your performance load?

 Devices that reduce your performance load?

Week 11 – Learning Portfolio item 2

Figure 1. TV remote - (alaTest, 2011)

TV remote

The TV remote reduces peoples Kinematic load because they can control their Television from a distance. If they want to switch it off or change the channel then they don’t have to psychically keep getting up to control the television.  Also, as a device the buttons functions are clearly labelled and grouped together, this reduces people cognitive load because they don’t have to remember which button performs which function because symbols are used on the remote to tell people what that specific button does. The TV remote is certainly the laziest device to mankind’s laziest inducing machine.

Figure 2. Calculator - (emovingstorage, 2010)


A calculator is another device that reduces Cognitive and Kinematic load. It functions easily, simply pressing in buttons that display the mathematical input. This requires no strenuous movements or activities, just a small finger movement. The main function of a calculator is too reduce the cognitive load placed on a person. It instantly calculates an equation without the use having to think about it. Therefore, the user doesn’t have to mentally apply themselves to calculating the sum. It is done instantly and easily with the calculator.

Figure 3. Dishwasher - (Maria, 2010)


The dishwasher reduces the kinematic load of washing plates, bowls etc. Washing manually with a sponge requires physical activity but a dishwasher reduces this. Technology replaces the need for hours of washing by the users own ability to set the machine to specific functions like time, load etc.  Also, the dishwasher can get more washed in less than time, directly managing the work that someone has to perform.

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